• My Favorite Charities is changing it’s designation to a Community Development Corporation, (CDC).

  • Feed the Hungry
    To date MFC has fed more than 2000 people.

  • MFC has donated, clothing items, shoes, household goods, food and financial support.

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Welcome To My Favorite Charities

My Favorite Charities® (MFC) - a national fundraising, community empowerment corporation specializing in "Gifting the Giver™". 
We gift those who give tirelessly with little to no pay.  Our mission and passion is to serve as a key facilitator between corporations/donors, non-profit, and grass-roots organizations to reinvest in the health of communities.  Our goal is to link non-profit organizations with corporate relationships that share "one vision".  We believe linking "one vision" can bring social, economic and innovative change to make a lasting impression on the world.


My Favorite Charities embraces the grassroots movement through capacity training, and bestowing funds on deserving grass root organizations.

Feed My Sheep


founder - Cynthia Harper Cynthia Harper
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